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Headings To Inscriptions

  • In Loving Memory of
  • In Ever Loving Memory of
  • Sacred To The Memory of
  • In Ever Affectionate Remembrance of
  • Treasured Affectionate Remembrance of

Quotations & Epitaphs

  • Gone but not forgotten
  • Rest in peace
  • Forever in our thoughts
  • Always in our hearts
  • Not gone from memory, nor from love
  • Peace perfect peace
  • Gone is the face I loved so dear
    Silent the voice I loved to hear
    This sad but true, I wonder why
    The best are always the first to die
  • We had no chance to say goodbye
    But for you dear, we will not cry
    But in our hearts we’ll hide our pain
    Until someday we’ll meet again
  • We cannot bring the old days back
    Her/His hand we cannot touch
    But we have such lovely memories
    Of the one we loved so much

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